A Bit About Me

I am Ioana Avery, a 39-year-old Romanian born therapist, currently residing in Katy, Texas. Psychology is my greatest passion and my calling in life. I help couples with concrete, evidence-based practice methods to work on affair recovery, conflict, heal past injuries and deal with perpetual differences.


It is my honor to work side by side with you to meet you where you are and together with establish what is the best way to reach your goals. Whether it is to manage your anxiety/depression, work on your trauma instances and allow the brain to heal them or anything we determine is relevant for you, I can help you.


I have graduated from the Marriage and Family Therapy Master’s Program of University of Houston-Clear Lake. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Romania and a Bachelor’s Degree from South Africa in Psychological Counseling. I have trained in Couple’s Therapy Gottman, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Brent Atkinson. I have trauma training, EMDR and I am on the track to become an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.


I have lived an expat life for the past 16 years, going from one life transition to another, babies, moving houses, continents, finishing schools, managing my marriage and above all trying to constantly adapt and not only survive, but thrive. My journey started in Abu Dhabi as a flight attendant. I had the chance to work with so many different cultures and live in a Muslim country that has taught me to honor and respect how special and different people are and how every single one of us is an entire complicated mechanism. My journey continued through Doha, just to land here, in the country of all possibilities, of fun, diverse, intriguing people, a smorgasbord of experiences. I absolutely love America!

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Whether you are navigating adversities, searching for answers, or wanting some direction, I can help.

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