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Thinking Man on Couch

Men's Issues

Men deserve therapy, too!

As a man, you’ve probably learned how to set your feelings aside so you could push through and remain “strong.”  Your childhood and society’s view on masculinity may have shaped you to focus on doing, providing for your loved ones, and getting results.  And you might have managed to get by, dedicated to advancing your career, achieving financial success, finding a partner, or simply having fun.

But sometimes, that doesn’t seem quite enough.  No matter how far you’ve come, you might still struggle with your purpose and self-esteem, thinking you could always do better.  You want to be an excellent leader, a fitter athlete, a more reliable partner, or a better lover.

You’ve been trying, but you can’t escape the feeling that somehow you are falling short.  Perhaps you have suppressed your emotions for so long that you don’t know how to feel them or what to do with them.  Or maybe you are just angry ALL the time, pissed at the world around you and yourself. 

The thing is, you don’t want to talk about it.  You know something is off, but you hate the idea of airing your problems or wasting your time with drama.  You want space and practical tools to figure out your next move on your own. 

You deserve a chance to find solutions instead of dwelling on your setbacks.

My name is Ioana Avery.  I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist helping teens and adult men in Katy, Houston, Sugarland, and all across Texas through telehealth.  I will provide you with actionable steps so you can not only feel your best but BE your best self.

Growing up in Romania around strong, determined male figures allowed me to connect deeply with how vulnerable men can be.  However, people do not get to see this at first glance.  In my practice, I set out to give a voice to the different emotional dimensions that come with being a man.  

You are welcome to meet me as you are, without holding back.  There is room for anything you may want to bring to the session.  I’ll be there to equip you with what you need until you don’t need me anymore.


Let’s boost your confidence, improve your performance, and lead you to where you want to go.

If you or your loved one have questions or are ready to get started, contact me or call me at 832.669.3448.

What Is Therapy?

You might associate the word “therapy” with its typical film depiction: someone lying down on a couch and pouring their soul out to a stranger.  Yet, therapy is so much more than that.

Yes, you will meet with a licensed mental health professional to talk.  It is called “talk therapy,” after all.  But the purpose of psychotherapy or counseling is to address your challenges, gain insight into yourself, and reach your goals.

Therapy can help men explore and overcome some of their most pressing issues.  This includes anger, guilt, shame, anxiety, work or relationship problems, sexual performance, and more.  And even if you are not struggling with any specific obstacles, therapy can broaden your perspective to grow. 

Benefits of Therapy for Men

  • Learning effective tools and tactics to navigate difficulties

  • Having space to express yourself or reflect without any distractions

  • Getting an outside perspective, free from judgment

  • Feeling empowered to make decisions and get things done

  • Gaining courage and self-confidence

  • Becoming a more present and reliable partner, father, son, friend, or leader

  • Finding a clear purpose

Do I Need Therapy?

Speaking about your discomfort does not make you weak.  It makes you brave.

If you are quietly suffering or trying to ignore any of these challenges, therapy might be the answer:

  • Anger or irritability

  • Constant worry or nerves

  • Lack of hope or motivation

  • Life transitions (e.g., loss, moving, changing jobs, having children)

  • Low self-esteem or self-worth

  • Physical pain or weight changes without an apparent reason

  • Relationship problems (e.g., conflict, infidelity, divorce)

  • Sexual performance or satisfaction issues

  • Stress overload

  • Trouble sleeping or resting

When left unaddressed, these issues can impact your job, family, relationships, daily activities, and physical health.  You may have tried to cope with numbing or risky behaviors, but have they served you?  Or are they barely scratching the surface without offering lasting changes?

Disregarding or attempting to quiet the distress with unhelpful actions may cause the opposite effect and reinforce harmful habits.

If you are struggling and looking for powerful, science-backed strategies, I can help!

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Therapy allows you to take ownership of your life.  You will be the driver of this journey.  You will be doing the work.  And as your therapist, I will be there to offer evidence-based knowledge and guide you through the process.

While in therapy, you will also be able to take much-needed space to clear your head, dig deep, and see what’s underneath it all.  It may feel weird to speak to a stranger about your issues at first, but keep in mind I won’t pressure you or criticize you as other people may have in the past.  I will listen and provide my candid perspective and recommendations as needed.

The goal is to learn more about who you are, tap into your strengths, and define attainable targets.  You will walk out of these sessions with practical skills and resources to seize your future.

Therapy for Men at Blooming Relationships Counseling

Here at Blooming Relationships Counseling, I’m dedicated to supporting teens, adults, and seniors as they regain a sense of purpose.  I offer various therapy services all around Texas via telehealth, including therapy for men, couple therapy, sex therapy, and trauma therapy. 

I’m particularly passionate about helping men address their struggles, defy toxic masculinity, and challenge expectations to discover their true north.  I specialize in anxiety, depression, life transitions, self-esteem problems, trauma, sexual issues, and more.

My treatment approach encompasses multiple therapeutic methods, including Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Strength-Based Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), among others. 

Curious?  Let’s Chat!

If you are curious about therapy or have any questions about how it works, I’m here for you.

Whether you are navigating adversities, searching for answers, or wanting some direction, I can help.

You ARE enough.  Let’s find what works for you.

Contact me or call me at 832.669.3448 to schedule an appointment today!

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